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Manufactured in Poland. Twin rotors, with 6 independent rocker support wheels. Hydraulic width adjustment up to 8m & swath width can be set from 0.9 – 1.9m. Steerable rear wheels controlled by the linkage enables perfect steering and improves manoeuvrability.

Power requirement:
80+ HP (59 kW) 

1940 kg

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Simple & Rugged performance with twin rotors, each with eleven working arms and ending with four double raking fingers. ThePronar ZKP 800 features double rotor rotary rakes with hydraulic regulation.

Working widths from 7m – 8m and manual lock off required width and swath widths can be set from 0.9m to 1.9 m. Turned linkage enables perfect steering of the rake.

Lower links enable additional ground clearance behind the tractor. Turning rear draw bar wheel improves manoeuvrability.

Tandem axle rotor system guarantees correct ground surface cracking and keeps the links straight. Self aligning rotors enable longitudinal and Lateral ground surface cracking.

The rake offers also manual adjustment of raking height and hydraulic synchronised raising and lowering rotors.

Suitable for  Category I and II Tractors

Power requirement: 59 kW (80 HP)

Weight:  1940 kg.

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Weight 568092394 kg
Dimensions 5680945940 mm