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Profitable Harvest

OzValue AG Machinery has the farm machinery you need to make your harvest more profitable than ever. We stock Unverferth Chaser Bins, GTS DO BRASIL Flexer XS fronts, and Grainchaser Chaser Bins.



Find the most suitable chaser bin for your Tractor


GTS do Brasil develops products with high operational performance in mind, for this reason, Flexer XS was created to facilitate the way of operation and adapt costs and maintenance methods.

  • Improved operator’s field of vision across the entire length of the platform
  • Ease of adjustments
  • Coupling for the main harvesters on the market

Performance beyond measures, change your harvesting concept through the lightness and flexibility of the S Series, the ideal platform for those looking for improved results through a simple and functional platform.



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Grainchaser GC23 Chaser Bin

Stay in the field at harvest, minimise stress and get your crops off quickly and easily with this simple and reliable harvesting essential.

23 M³ (approx. 18T wheat)

Unload Height

4.0 M



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Unverferth 1138 Dual Auger Front-Folding Grain Cart

Owning an Unverferth grain cart makes it easier than ever before to unload your combine on the go and increase harvest efficiency by 30 percent.

The Unverferth 1138 Dual-Auger Front Folding Grain Cart Features a computer balanced auger for a smooth and quiet unload. While still maintaining maximum power to transfer grain at 10 tonne per minute, to get you back to the header quickly and keep your harvest moving forward.

Fully operated from the cab, with a hydraulic grain flow gate, scales & monitor standard. You will also have ability to keep an eye on flow and grain levels with cameras placed in the cart and on the down spout.

$137,500 inc GST

$137,500 inc GST

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Farm Machinery.
Designed for the Australian Farmer.

Being working farmers ourselves, our team fully understand what’s required from modern farming machinery.

We know more than ever, farming in Australia has become highly dependent on its farm machinery costs and reliability. This is why at OzValue AG we’re committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality machines and equipment. Our team continues to design and source suitable machinery from quality manufacturers around the world and then sell direct to the farmer eliminating importers and distributors and their added costs.

Simply. OzValue AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality farm machinery with all the sizes, features, quality, and service that you used to get from those old farm machinery brands... but for less money.

Plus we actively trial and test our farm machines in the field and where required improved them to suit unique Australian Conditions. Above and beyond our engineering knowledge we enjoy a deeper understanding of exactly what your looking for in your Farm machinery because...

... we're farmers too.