6000L Wagon Trailing Fertiliser Spreader


The Donder Wagon or Trailing Spreader is farm machinery manufactured by Donder in compliance with strict European standards and is well suited to Australian conditions.  The wagon’s most appropriate areas of use are seed drilling and fertiliser spreading and is also capable of spreading mineral fertiliser in granule or powder form; as well as salt; sand and pallet poultry manure.

$39,000 ex. GST
$42,900 inc. GST

Even Greater Capacity for Spreader Performance

All the simple to operate benefits of a Donder Spreader but with more capacity and features. With strong components, proven reliability and versatile use.

The Donder 6000 Litre Trailing Wagon Fertiliser Spreader does not comprise on safety or quality.

Easy to use and maintain with a full Australia wide spare parts and support team. Donder Spreaders from OzValue AG Australia deliver ongoing farm machinery performance year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Trailing Spreader over a Linkage Spreader?

More Capacity…

Are these Donder Spreaders easy to calibrate or setup?

Yes, of course, like anything new it’s important to take the time to understand how the machine works and how to calibrate it.

Once you understand the machine generally a full manual calibration for a given product will take 10 minutes.

How accurate are these Spreaders?

If calibrated manually Donder Spreaders are exceptionally accurate.

In our experience if calibrated correctly the spreaders can meter rate within a 2% – 4% of desired rate.

What if I do not want to do a manual calibration?

All Donder Spreaders come with charts for a limited range of products UREA, CAN & DAP.

In our experience you can expect the charts provided with the spreader to be within 7% for desired rate.

Can I get calibration help with from OzValue AG with my Spreader products?

If you are trying to spread a product outside of standard charted products and you don’t want to do a manual calibration contact us and we’ll use our product knowledge and farm experience to assist in recommending a solution and point you in the right direction.  Please keep in mind that whenever you change product you must re-calibrate the Spreader to maintain accuracy.

Also, it is important to note that fertilisers, in particular Urea, can vary from supplier to supplier and from load to load so it’s not unusual to have some variation in the rate applied. To be certain of rate the best way to maintain accuracy is to undertake a manual calibration.


Both Granulated and Bulk Spread Spinner Sets Included

Granulated fertiliser spinners for accurate spreading of Super Phosphate to 36m and Urea to 30m. Donder’s stainless steel spinners are fitted with adjustable vanes, by moving the position of these vanes along the scale we can adjust the desired spread width per product to ensure an even and accurate spread pattern.

Bulk material spinners purpose built for high rates of Lime and Gypsum.


Donder Spreaders come standard as a manual set system. This means you determine the desired rate, spread width & Speed.

Provided you maintain your speed and working width your rate will be accurate.

Accurate metering at low rates

The metering orifice is designed so that the first section is able to accurately meter low rates of seed (1 – 10kg/ha) & bait whilst once past the neck of the hole the rate can be increased to allow high rates of granulated fertiliser.

Stainless Steel Metering Unit

The metering system components including:

+ Agitator
+ Metering Slides
+ Hydraulic Slides
+ Spinners
+ Spinner Shrouds

are all made from stainless steel to improve the longevity of these machine components and to maintain accuracy over the life of your Donder Spreader.


Some things should just be standard. So Donder Spreaders include components such as protective tarpaulin cover and tail/warning lights as standard for whatever conditions you throw at it.


Tyre Size is 500/60 – 22.5





4000 mm (without drawbar)




120+ hp

500/60 – 22.5

User Manuals & Downloads

Download the latest operational manuals and documents for this machine.

Donder CGSA Manual & Spare Part List


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