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Great value Hay Rakes that are now available in Australia. A reliable and robust selection of raking machines that are cheaper than our competitors. Now you can rake in the profits will less outlay for you farm's hay rakes.

Delivering excellent piling and fluffing of windrows our Hay Rakes are strong and durable enough to handle tough Australian conditions.

Quality. Simplicity. Unmatched Value

With three different products available featuring alternate widths and to suit the requirement of Australian farmers and conditions



Find the best machine for your needs


Manufactured in Poland. Twin rotors, with 6 independent rocker support wheels. Hydraulic width adjustment up to 8m & swath width can be set from 0.9 – 1.9m. Steerable rear wheels controlled by the linkage enables perfect steering and improves manoeuvrability.

Power requirement:
80+ HP (59 kW) 

1940 kg

$40,700 $35,200 inc GST

$40,700 $35,200 inc GST

Farm Machinery.
Designed for the Australian Farmer.

Being working farmers ourselves, our team fully understand what’s required from modern farming machinery.

We know more than ever, farming in Australia has become highly dependent on its farm machinery costs and reliability. This is why at OzValue AG we’re committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality machines and equipment. Our team continues to design and source suitable machinery from quality manufacturers around the world and then sell direct to the farmer eliminating importers and distributors and their added costs.

Simply. OzValue AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality farm machinery with all the sizes, features, quality, and service that you used to get from those old farm machinery brands... but for less money.

Plus we actively trial and test our farm machines in the field and where required improved them to suit unique Australian Conditions. Above and beyond our engineering knowledge we enjoy a deeper understanding of exactly what your looking for in your Farm machinery because...

... we're farmers too.