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APV MDS 100 M1 – Bait Spreading (Multi-Metering System)

*Comes with controller and speed sensor. Calibration button, Power cables (8m), Extension Cables PS MX 2m & 5m, Fill level sensor and Accessory kit switch.

The Multi-Metering System MDS combines the advantages of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader: Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seed is spread using a spreading plate – optimal for slug pellets and mouse baiting across large working widths and for spreading various catch crops. Due to the diverse assembly options as well as the simple and quick mounting and conversion on different soil tillage implements, the MDS can be used several times a year for a wide range of applications.

The seed is precisely metered by a seeding shaft and is then spread by a spreading disc. This model is particularly suitable for large working widths,
e.g. up to 28 m for slug pellets and mouse bait.

Note: The maximum spread rate is of approximately 5 kg/min slug pellets. In the case of seeds, it depends on the seed shape and density. The spreader is not suitable for corrosive fertilisers and other substances.

$6,600 inc GST

$6,600 inc GST

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Being working farmers ourselves, our team fully understand what’s required from modern farming machinery.

We know more than ever, farming in Australia has become highly dependent on its farm machinery costs and reliability. This is why at OzValue AG we’re committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality machines and equipment. Our team continues to design and source suitable machinery from quality manufacturers around the world and then sell direct to the farmer eliminating importers and distributors and their added costs.

Simply. OzValue AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality farm machinery with all the sizes, features, quality, and service that you used to get from those old farm machinery brands... but for less money.

Plus we actively trial and test our farm machines in the field and where required improved them to suit unique Australian Conditions. Above and beyond our engineering knowledge we enjoy a deeper understanding of exactly what your looking for in your Farm machinery because...

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