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Totally ABout Tillage Options

We've searched and found a wide range of tillage options from proven manufacturers from around the world like Ilgi and Rolmako. All offer multi purpose tillage equipment, capable of tasks from light soil tilth and stubble preparation, through to complete primary cultivation.

These rugged tillage machines are available in a wide range of sizes, providing your farm with the perfect machine suitable for a wide range of tractor power options. Some machines even able to work at speeds as high as 15 kph. More speed means much more ground can be cultivated in a shorter period of time and using less fuel, making the machine more cost effective.

Plus different working widths are available, from 2.5 metres thought to 6 metres (folding to a narrow 2.8m for easy transport). Most machines come with a host of options such as fixed or trailing, drawbar options and standard cage roller but can be optioned to the disc roller.



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Farm Machinery.
Designed for the Australian Farmer.

Being working farmers ourselves, our team fully understand what’s required from modern farming machinery.

We know more than ever, farming in Australia has become highly dependent on its farm machinery costs and reliability. This is why at OzValue AG we’re committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality machines and equipment. Our team continues to design and source suitable machinery from quality manufacturers around the world and then sell direct to the farmer eliminating importers and distributors and their added costs.

Simply. OzValue AG is committed to bringing the farmers of Australia, well priced quality farm machinery with all the sizes, features, quality, and service that you used to get from those old farm machinery brands... but for less money.

Plus we actively trial and test our farm machines in the field and where required improved them to suit unique Australian Conditions. Above and beyond our engineering knowledge we enjoy a deeper understanding of exactly what your looking for in your Farm machinery because...

... we're farmers too.