Laser accuracy that puts you on the next level

A NEW machine at Elmore this year is the Ilgi LTSV-60-AC Omega laser land leveller imported by OzValue Ag.

The Omega features a laser system and software for accuracy and allows farmers to level fields at zero, mono or dual grade.

“Its accordion-style folding system shortens the transition between working to transport position to only a few seconds,” said Ben Findlay, OzValue Ag sales manager.

“Aside from the technology, the core of this machine is the hardened steel blade. This ensures durable and deeper excavation.”

The Omega is available in eight configurations and working widths from 3.5 to 8m wide. The LTSV-AC 60 to be displayed at the field days has an operating width of 6m and a transport width of 2.5m, with an approximate working weight of 3.7 tonnes.

Mr Findlay said it’s designed to be fuel-efficient and can be enhanced with laser controls from suppliers such as Topcon and AMA Laser.

It has an independent hydraulic system for height control that makes the machine suitable for a large range of tractors and hydraulic flows.

The system is controlled with a joystick for manual operation and has an auto mode that controls height.