The Germinator‘s development was based on the experience of OzValue AG’s Directors when working on their own farms. Discussions with surrounding neighbours confirmed that they all wanted the same thing.

It’s with this knowledge, OzValue AG set about creating a workable solution to these needs, and after years of thorough development, now present the Germinator.

Tine Layouts

Throughout the design process, our focus was always on placing tines in the ideal pattern for trash flow.

One of the biggest challenges facing the modern farmer is the ability to sow through trash, so therefore the bar has been designed so maximum spacing between the tines can be achieved in both directions, and pinch points are minimised.

750mm between each tine and 1.4m between rows when coupled with optional coulters provides the best trash flow possible.


Easy Transport 

Move with ease, with a 3.5m transport width, the Germinator can be moved on your own, without the need for an escort* day or night in order to keep the machine sowing.

*Depending on your state legislation.


Germinator Tillage Equipment

3200300000-B 600


Tillage Machine


  • 9m Working Width
  • 3.5m Transport Width
  • 4.0m Transport Height
  • 250mm spacings
  • Hydraulic Breakout
  • In Cab pressure Adjustment
  • Individual tine depth control
  • Nut/Bolt free depth adjustment
  • 10T Operating Weight
  • Individual Rubber suspended coulters
  • Single and Double shoot options
  • Floating Hitch
  • Grease Free Tines
  • 150mm RHS frame

Ground Breaking

The Germinator features a unique single trailing tine with individual press wheel depth control, which allows each tine to follow the ground uniformly, even in undulating conditions, thus creating the ideal seed placement. Each tine is held in the ground with a hydraulic cylinder all controlled by a hydraulic manifold. Tine pressure can be adjusted from within the tractor cabin via a simple dial. All tines can be lifted and lowered using one hydraulic lever, in a similar way to most modern seeders and combines.

The 9m toolbar also incorporates optional sowing coulters. Constructed in pairs and mounted on rubber suspension, these coulters are similar to many modern high speed tillers. In addition, the frame has a 1m clearance whilst in the working position, this high tine clearance, symmetrical tine layout and precisely engineered frame, gives the best trash flow possible.

One of the biggest challenges was to fit all of these features into the toolbar and stay within the ideal dimensions set out the start of the project, as the team were conscious of how difficult it is becoming to move wide or high machinery around in our ever growing regions. It was decided that it was essential that the machine could be ideally moved on your own without the need for an escort* day or night in order to keep the machine sowing.

A common complaint with modern machines that is to have all these features means many moving parts. For this reason, the opener has been fitted with maintenance free ‘igus’ bushes. These plastic polymer bushes require no grease or lubricant, and can be easily changed without the need of a press or specialty tooling. This bush is a common component across the majority of pivot points on the Germinator and can be replaced for a fraction of the price when compared with other openers.

Many years of research, development, testing and refinement has lead us to the creation of the Germinator. With a balance of local knowledge and engineering, and sourcing the very best components from around the world and Australia, we have developed a groundbreaking solution for many farmers.

3200300000-C 600
Tine A
Tine B
Tine C
Tine F
Tine E